Why ordering meat online is a good choice

Ordering meat online for the first time can be a barrier for some people. But when the first order has been placed, the products have been received and the piece of meat tastes even better than expected, the fear of thresholds is immediately overcome.

Are you still reluctant to order meat online?
Still wondering how the process works?
And are you curious how it is possible that the meat arrives fresh, without being frozen?

Then read on! 

Quality of the meat

All the meat on Aalvink.nl is of Dutch origin, from Twente to be more accurate. We almost know where the cow has been in the meadow and how the keeper treats his animals. We believe animals should eat what they naturally eat, so our beef is ‘grass-fed’ (supplemented with silage in winter) rather than grain. You can taste that in the meat, perhaps less veined, but with a pure meat taste. We do not import meat from abroad where there are different regulations regarding meat production and where animal welfare is not taken very seriously. We also do not allow live animals from corners of Europe to be slaughtered here, which goes against animal welfare. All our meat is fresh and comes from slaughter on Tuesday and is then shipped the same week.

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From order to delivery

Even before you have ordered and paid for your meat, we are already busy for you. We bone out all the meat every week, we make the sausages fresh every week and we saw the spare ribs accurately to size. We then vacuum pack everything so that bacteria that are in the air don’t stand a chance and we label our products with labels showing the slaughter date and best-before date.

The moment an order comes in, we remove the meat from refrigeration and pack it in a refrigerated box fully recyclable, biodegradable and/or reusable and add gel packs. These are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. You can cut open the gel packs after use and dispose of the contents through the sink. These gel packs keep the temperature inside the cooler low, tests have shown that your order will stay cool for 48 hours* in this pack. It is a kind of mobile refrigerator that we will send to you. Trunkrs also takes care of the transport to your home. Upon arrival you will also notice that the gel packs are often still half frozen, Theoretically the meat could therefore stay well chilled for longer, but we stick to 48 hours as we can make that true.

Curious about the way we ship our products? Place an order and experience the convenience of ordering meat online! Simple, fresh and fast… And without having to leave the house!

*based on outdoor temperatures up to 30°C, at temperatures of 30°C or higher we guarantee 24 hours cooling