General terms and conditions Aalvink Meat Specialties

1. General

1.1. Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof offers services for the sale of meat products and related items throughout the Netherlands.
1.2. In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
– Aalvink meat specialties vof established at Zwanenweg 17, 7687ag in Daarlerveen, registered with the East Chamber of Commerce under trade register number 62485849.
– Buyer: the natural person, partnership, company or legal person who has commissioned 62485849 to perform a service.
– Website: the website maintained by Aalvink meat specialties vof with the URL
1.3. Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof reserves the right to amend and/or supplement these General Terms and Conditions.

2.Offer and Agreement

2.1 Offers or quotations should be regarded as invitations to potential Buyers to make an offer. Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is in no way bound by such offers or quotations, nor by any offer made by potential Buyers, unless this has been unequivocally recorded in writing. The acceptance of an invitation to make an offer by the potential Buyer is considered an offer and only leads to the conclusion of an agreement if the other provisions of this article have been met.
2.2 An offer from the potential Buyer as referred to in Article 2.1 is deemed to have been made in 1 of the following circumstances:
– The potential Buyer has entered the data in full on the appropriate form on the Website and has sent the relevant data to Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof electronically. This information has been received by Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof; or
– Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof has submitted a personalized quote to the potential buyer, which quote has been approved in writing by the potential buyer.
2.3 An agreement is concluded at the moment that an order confirmation has been handed over to the Buyer or, in the event that the offer has been made via the Website, has been sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer. This agreement can be revoked by Aalvink meat specialties vof if the Buyer does not meet the conditions set by Aalvink meat specialties vof or if at any time it appears that the Buyer has not met the conditions in the past.
2.4 Information, images, verbal announcements, statements, etc. with regard to all offers and the most important characteristics of the products that are provided in any way by Aalvink meat specialties vof are (re)displayed and/or provided as accurately as possible. However, Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof cannot guarantee that all offers and products are fully in accordance with the information given. Deviations cannot be grounds and/or grounds for compensation and/or dissolution.


3.1. All prices are expressed in Euros, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, and include sales tax. The Buyer owes the price that Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof has communicated to it in its confirmation in accordance with Article 2.3 of these terms and conditions. The purchase price is payable in advance, insofar as Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof will not supply any products until payment has been made.
3.2. Obvious (manipulation) errors in the quotation, such as obvious inaccuracies, can also be corrected by Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof after the agreement has been concluded. Special offers are only valid while stocks last.


For orders via the Website, the Buyer can pay in advance, via iDeal and Paypal. If a payment method with a credit card is chosen, the conditions of the relevant card issuer apply. Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is not a party to the relationship between the Buyer and the card issuer.

5.Delivery and Delivery Time

5.1 Orders are delivered by or on behalf of Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof as soon as possible after payment by the Buyer or on the delivery date specified by the Buyer. The delivery time indicated by Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is only an indication, from which no rights can be derived. If the buyer needs the goods over the weekend, have them delivered on Thursday. Saturdays are not delivered. Cancellations will not be accepted by us in this case.
5.2 Deliveries take place at the address specified by the Buyer during the conclusion of the agreement. We are not responsible for closed statements of the address provided.
5.3 The Buyer is obliged to take delivery of the purchased items within the agreed term and/or on or around the agreed time. If in the order confirmation as referred to in Article 2.3. If no agreed term and/or at an agreed time as referred to in the previous sentence is stated, a term of three working days after the order has been placed. The cooling-off period as referred to in Article 7:46d paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code does not apply, as it concerns items that can quickly deteriorate or become obsolete, as referred to in Article 7:46d paragraph 4 under 4 of the Dutch Civil Code.
5.4 If at the intended time of delivery by the postman neither the Buyer nor a person designated by him is present at the delivery address or the Buyer or the aforementioned designated person is unable or unwilling to receive the package, Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof will can no longer guarantee the correct temperature of the contents of the packaging. In such a case, the deliverer will, if possible, deliver the package to the neighbors or neighbors across the street and leave a note in your letterbox. Every piece of meat that goes into the box is vacuum packed. However, sometimes packaging can become loose and/or leaky during transport. This is not a problem for quality and we unfortunately cannot prevent it. Just make sure that if you want to keep it longer, the product is kept properly packaged in the freezer and eaten within 2 months.

5.5 Immediately after receipt, the Buyer must check the products. If the Buyer receives products in bad condition or receives products that do not meet the quality requirements that may be set for the products, we request that the Buyer inform us immediately and no later than within six hours of receipt. For this, the Buyer can contact our customer service via Our customer service ensures that the complaint is dealt with as quickly as possible. Complaints can also be sent to the postal address of Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof as stated in article 1 of these general terms and conditions, or to the visiting address as stated in article 1 of these general terms and conditions.

6.Force Majeure

6.1 In the event of force majeure, Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is not obliged to fulfill its obligations towards the Buyer. Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is entitled to suspend its obligations for the duration of the force majeure.
6.2 Force majeure is understood to mean any circumstance beyond its control that prevents the fulfillment of its obligations towards the Buyer in whole or in part. These circumstances include strikes, fire, business disruptions, energy disruptions, disruptions in a (telecommunications) network or connection or communication systems used and/or the Website being unavailable at any time, non-delivery or late delivery from suppliers or other third parties engaged and the absence of any license to be obtained from the government.

7.Personal data

Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof will only process the Buyer’s data in accordance with its privacy policy. All data made available by (potential) Buyers for deliveries are handled with the utmost care and stored securely. This information is only used internally by Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof and is in principle not provided to third parties. Aalvink meat specialties vof observes all applicable laws and regulations in this regard. Also read our privacy policy .

8. Liability and Indemnification

8.1. Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is never liable for any indirect damage of the Buyer or of third parties, including consequential damage, trading loss, delay damage, loss of profit or personal injury, or any (other) indirect damage, from whatever cause and suffered by anyone.
8.2. The Buyer indemnifies Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof against all claims from third parties, for whatever reason, with regard to compensation for damage, costs and/or interest, caused by, occurring at or in any way related to the goods delivered by us. quo our performance performance.

9. Other provisions

9.1. All judicial and extrajudicial costs of whatever nature that Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof has had to incur as a result of the Buyer’s failure to fulfill its (payment) obligations will be borne by the Buyer. In the event of late payment, Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof is authorized to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect or to suspend (further) delivery until the Buyer has fully complied with the payment obligations, the payment of (extra)judicial costs of whatever nature therefore also included.
9.2 The agreements entered into by Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten vof are governed by Dutch law. The “Uniform Law on the International Sale of Movable Tangible Property”, the “Uniform Law on the Formation of Contracts for the International Sale of Movable Tangible Property” and the ” 1980 Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Movable Property” as well as any present or future international regulations regarding the purchase of movable tangible property, the operation of which can be excluded by the parties, are hereby expressly excluded.
9.3. In the event of a dispute, the relatively competent court in the Netherlands has jurisdiction

Addition per 09-08-2017

9.4 Because the products are perishable, it is important to contact us within 6 hours of receipt if a product does not meet the requirements. The normal Right of Withdrawal does not apply to perishable products.

9.5 Complaints: It is always possible that something does not go quite as planned. We recommend that you first notify us of any complaints by sending an email to When you report a complaint to us, provide this with photos of the product , otherwise we cannot process your complaint. If this does not lead to a solution, it is also possible for consumers in the EU to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at If your complaint is not yet being handled elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform.

Article 10 does not apply but is required to state

Article 10 – Right of withdrawal
When delivering products:
1. When purchasing products, the consumer has the option to dissolve the agreement without stating reasons during 14 days. This reflection period starts on the day after receipt of the product by the consumer or a representative designated in advance by the consumer and announced to the entrepreneur.
2. During the cooling-off period, the consumer will handle the product and the packaging with care. He will only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether he wishes to keep the product. If he makes use of his right of withdrawal, he will return the product with all accessories supplied and – if reasonably possible – in the original condition and packaging to the entrepreneur, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur.
3. If the consumer wishes to make use of his right of withdrawal, he is obliged to make this known to the entrepreneur within 14 days of receipt of the product. The consumer must make this known by means of the model form. After the consumer has indicated that he wishes to make use of his right of withdrawal, the customer must return the product within 14 days. The consumer must prove that the delivered goods have been returned on time, for example by means of proof of shipment.
4. If the customer has not made it known after expiry of the periods referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 that he wishes to make use of his right of withdrawal resp. has not returned the product to the entrepreneur, the purchase is a fact.
When providing services:
5. When providing services, the consumer has the option to dissolve the agreement without stating reasons during at least 14 days, commencing on the day of entering into the agreement.
6. To make use of his right of withdrawal, the consumer will follow the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur with the offer and/or at the latest upon delivery.

The normal Right of Withdrawal does not apply to perishable products.

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