Explanation savings program

Saving for a discount, how does it work?

For every euro you spend in our webshop you will receive 1 loyalty point (excluding any shipping costs and coupons). Each product indicates how many points you will receive for that product. Each point is worth 2 cents, so if you have 100 points that means already € 2 discount on your next order! Product reviews are also worth money, for every product review you write you will receive 10 loyalty points. (You will receive an email for product reviews a few days after your purchase)(not from trunkrs) To use our savings program you need an account in our webshop, so create one before or during your order (don’t forget to check that you want to receive our newsletter for the latest news and great offers!).

Want to see how many points you have already saved?

Then log in to your account and then go to My Account and there you will see the number of points you have saved under “Savings Points”. If you add products to your shopping cart while shopping, you will also see an overview on the shopping cart page of how many points you receive for the added products and your current point total.

How do I redeem loyalty points?

As mentioned above, you will see an overview of the loyalty points in your shopping cart, here you can also choose whether you want to exchange saved loyalty points for a discount, enter how many of your loyalty points you wish to use and click on “redeem”, you will now receive direct to see how much discount you will receive on the order. (this can be done in the shopping cart)

How long are my loyalty points valid?

Your loyalty points have a validity period of 2 years.

I have placed an order but have not received any loyalty points?

Were you logged in when ordering? if not, you will not be able to save the points.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us, we are available on working days to answer all your questions from 09:00 to 16:00.