How will your order be packed and delivered?

The specially developed cooling box

We package our products in a specially designed expanded polystyrene (EPS) cooling box. EPS, or polystyrene foam, is an excellent insulation material. It is water and moisture repellent, and lightweight. Numerous tests have shown that our products stay cool for 48 hours in such packaging. Your order is placed directly from the cold store into the EPS cool box, in a special insulating polyethylene inner bag.

 Then, depending on the season, we add ice and/or dry ice, after which the whole is hermetically sealed with tape, and, if necessary, provided with highly qualified plastic strapping tape (Strapex). Finally we add the transport documents and your invoice .

The vacuum packaging

The products that we send in the special cooling boxes are usually vacuum packed. The advantages of vacuum packaging are enormous:

  • Longer fresh, both frozen and fresh
  • Visible content
  • No moisture loss
  • no weight loss
  • Virtually sterile, protects from external influences
  • If frozen easier to thaw again
  • Easier in freezing

A small drawback, however, is that vacuum-packed meat is in a very oxygen-deficient environment, and therefore tends to turn a little gray . However, as soon as you remove the meat from the package and expose it again to oxygen, the color reappears within 10 minutes.

Aalvink meat specialties and the environment

We package our orders in Styrofoam (EPS). EPS consists of 98% of air and can also be 100% recycled because it consists of one type of material. Environmentally friendly . Please feel free to dispose of the box in which your order arrives in the residual waste bin.


Aalvink delivers meat specialties to your home throughout the Netherlands, with the exception of the Wadden Islands, or to any other random address you specify.

If you order before 2pm  , you will have your order in 3 days  , excluding Saturday. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will only be processed on Monday morning and shipped on Tuesday at the earliest (if in stock, you will be contacted in that case). (during holidays an adjusted delivery schedule)
It is important that you enter a delivery date ! otherwise you will be classified by us.
Do you need your order on Saturday. Then have it delivered on Thursday. there is then a run-out to Friday night. Saturdays are not delivered. Everyone is doing their best. We and also the carrier. but we can never guarantee the date and time. Cancellations will not be accepted by us in this case.
Your order will be delivered cooled and vacuum packed in cooling boxes specially developed for Aalvink meat specialties. This ensures that your order arrives at the correct temperature. However, it is important that you are at home at the time of delivery. If there is no answer, the carrier will ring the doorbell of your neighbors. If there are none, Trunkrs is instructed to store the package in the freezer and offer it again the next day. After all, these are products with a limited shelf life.

The postage cost per delivery is  €  6.99, this is the basic rate  for delivery of parcels up to 10 kg incl. packaging and cooling (8.7 product, 1.3 packaging/cooling). From 10 to 30 kilos, 13.99 euros will be charged.

Pick up your order 

There is of course always the possibility to pick up your order. This has a number of advantages, but is obviously only a suitable solution for people who work/live a reasonable distance from our visited weekly markets. If you pick up yourself, you can also pay upon receipt of the goods.


The specially designed refrigerated box guarantees that your order will arrive at your or your neighbor’s door chilled, regardless of the outside temperature. If for any reason the products arrive unrefrigerated to you, for example due to delay or damage to the packaging, we advise you to contact us immediately . Depending on the situation , we will make a decision on how to proceed in consultation with you . Of course, you can invoke our “Not good? Money back!” rule. If you or your neighbors were not home at the time of delivery and the order is therefore later than provided by you received, can Aalvink meat specialties unfortunately not accept liability for too high temperatures.