Making your own fresh sausage at its very best.

Homemade cannot be compared with the ‘fresh’ sausages from the supermarket Or make your own dry sausage. Think of the well-known Spanish Chorizo and Fuet or your own Koster sausage Because you don’t make sausage every day, it’s better to go for a larger portion that you can eat afterwards. if well packed, freezes well.

What you need to make fresh sausage:

– A meat grinder; a classic that you used to see in grandma’s kitchen. A well-known one is that of the Porkert brand. – A sausage stopper; With the more luxurious meat grinders, the meat grinder can often be used as a sausage stopper in combination with a filling pipe. – Minced meat and a few meters of pork casing ; to order from the better butcher. – Clean kitchen utensils; Hygiene is one of the most important things in the kitchen and especially when making sausage. Therefore, make sure you have clean cutting boards, clean kitchen equipment and make sure that your meat is fresher than fresh.

To work

I prefer to work with coarse pork chips , these are divided into 20% or 30% fat You can also use the chaps for your homemade smoked sausage. Now it’s time to make the so-called sausage dough. In other words: the filling for the sausage. This filling must in the first place consist of, and that is most important of all, a perfect ratio of meat and (fat) bacon. This ratio for fresh sausage is three parts 20% meat and one part 30% meat . Grind this combination with the meat grinder (we like coarse 8 mm) and make the mincemeat to taste with your own composition of spices, herbs, pepper and salt . Check out our recipes for inspiration. Mix the minced meat well, long and firmly by hand to a nice sausage dough, but do not let it get hot. This sausage dough is now a nice and tasty minced meat. To make it look like a sausage, we now have to get the sausage dough into a natural casing. For this we need the sausage dough, the natural casing and the so-called sausage stopper or the filling pipe on the meat grinder. Rinse the intestines beforehand with water to remove the excess salt and let them stand in clean cold water for a few hours. Then slide the casing over the tube of the sausage stopper, fill the reservoir with dough and carefully turn the crank to press the sausage dough into the casing. Do this not too quickly and not too slowly, and avoid air bubbles in the gut. It is best to do this with two people first. After a little practice you can do this on your own. You can make the casing a little longer for fresh sausage, or pinch the casing every 10 cm for a little while and turn it around for sausage.

And then?

And roast and enjoy your homemade fresh sausage. Once you have mastered this, make your own dry sausage. Not sure where to start? for recipes etc take a look at our recipes page or Nose is around on this fb page ( charcuterie & sausage ) full of enthusiasts who are also happy to help you with questions.