How ‘forgotten meat’ can no longer be ignored

Bavette , tenderloin and picanha are pieces of meat that were barely available a few years ago. These pieces of meat were certainly available at the butcher, but you had to know that they are beautiful pieces of meat. How come these parts have been forgotten and why are they suddenly in the spotlight?

How could we forget?

The fact that some parts of the cow have been forgotten is often due to market forces and the emergence of supermarkets. In the past there was much more slaughter by butchers than now. Due to regulations and hygiene requirements, it is almost no longer profitable for many butchers to slaughter themselves, so they buy from wholesalers. It is therefore obvious that the butcher buys what he sells a lot, i.e. steaks , stew , sirloin steak , minced meat and tenderloin. The parts for which there is less demand, but which are left over after slaughter, go through the minced meat at the wholesalers. This consists of nothing but leftover pieces of meat and meat scraps left over after cutting the pieces of meat. That is why the forgotten pieces of meat such as the tenderloin , bavette , picanha and beef cheek were less often visible in the display case at the butcher. Of course, the rise of the large supermarket chains is also a cause of the forgotten meat being less visible, where the expensive shelf space is also taken up by ‘what the people want’.

Emerging popularity of forgotten meat

So why is it that in recent years we increasingly come across bavette , picanha and long tenderloin, both at the butcher’s and on the menu of many restaurants? There are several reasons for this. First of all, food and cooking with beautiful ingredients has become much more of a trend. Both on TV and in bookstores, there is much more attention for cooking and ingredients. In 2016 there was even a cookbook in the top 10 of best-selling books that contained BBQ recipes with picanha and bavette . Of course, the (forgotten) meat has also been given a great ambassador in the person of Gertjan Kiers. When it comes to meat on TV, you usually see him appear, whereby his love for the tenderloin must by now be known throughout the Netherlands. The BBQ hype has also fueled interest in forgotten meats. You can’t really call yourself a BBQ person if you’ve never prepared a picanha or grilled a bavette .

Availability forgotten meat

Probably the most important thing in the rising popularity of the forgotten meat is its availability. Forgotten meat has already been reported at supermarkets, but more and more butchers also have it in stock due to the demand from their customers. Another possibility is the wholesalers that often have different types of meat in stock, but you must have a pass for these stores. But one of the easiest ways to get a good bavette , tenderloin or picanha is to order online. Due to the efficiency and speed of parcel delivery, it is simply possible to order fresh meat. So no hassle with frozen meat that you still have to thaw or that is delivered half thawed after which you can’t freeze it again. Just fresh like you buy it from the local butcher.

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