Aalvink has been a trusted butcher in Twente for more than 15 years. Aalvink has also been active online for 10 years as one of the first online butchers. 

In all those years, the mission of the company has not changed, to supply delicious and honest meat from the local Twente countryside. In the range you will also find various local and artisan meats such as different types of sausages. All fresh from Twente. We do not sell grainfed meat imported from faraway places. We believe that animals should eat what they normally eat and that we want to know our suppliers and know that the animals have had a good life. We have no insight into that when we import. In addition, the carbon footprint of meat that comes from abroad is many times larger than the meat that we sell.  

Aalvink is also a well-known name in the BBQ world. For years we have had a great passion for low and slow BBQ and we also sell the well-known American cuts of meat such as brisket, Boston butt, real American spare ribs, picanha and bavette. 

In addition to our meat products, you will also find advice on the preparation of meat and beautiful recipes on this website.


We are happy to take care of your party or event

We also provide complete party and catering packages for your party. We supply various BBQ and gourmet dishes or snack dishes complete with salads. It is also possible to rent barbecues, stone grills, gourmet sets and party pans from us. And because you never know in terms of weather in the Netherlands, don’t forget the tents to stay dry and the refrigerated truck to keep the meat and drinks cool! 

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Buy fresh at the market or pick up your order

If you want to physically buy the meat from us, you can do this on the market. We are on the market in Olst on Friday and in Enschede on Saturday. In addition to selling cooled fresh products (meat and meat products), we also sell delicious smoked spare ribs, ball sandwiches and other warm products. 

Friday: Olst between 11:00 and 16:00
Saturday: Enschede center between 08:00 and 17:00

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