After years of experience in practicing traditional craftsmanship in the butcher’s shop, since 2010 it is also possible to order our meat online. Have it delivered at home or pick up your package at one of our markets.

The advantages?

You therefore purchase the fresh products directly from the specialist

Fresh, vacuumed and cooled home delivery

So not frozen!

The real American low and slow bbq is a great passion of ours.
That is why we can supply the real American cuts of meat such as beautiful steaks, brisket, rib roast and picanha. Within the bbq world, Aalvink Vleesspecialiteiten has also become a well-known name when it comes to quality meat for the bbq. Whether it concerns an official KCBS competition or a bbq with friends in the garden, you can order your bbq meat from us.

We are also a recognized training company. More information can be found on