Aalvink business

We make placing business orders at Aalvink as easy as possible for you as a business customer.
That is why we offer you a number of additional options.
In addition to ordering via the website (with a business account), it is possible for business customers
to request quotes, to order via purchase orders and to purchase offline and online on account.


What are the advantages of a business order?

-Pay afterwards by direct debit or on account
-A VAT invoice for every order
-Access to exclusive business range
-Special offers and promotions

Can I pay afterwards?

If you create or have a business account, you can
to pay. This is arranged within 3 working days.
You must pay your 1st order in advance, an invoice will be sent asap
sent by email.


Are the prices different if I have a business account?

Yes, all prices are based on a minimum order amount of 300 euros.
A fixed discount scale applies to this.
The prices of the products are also shown excluding VAT.
We settle the VAT amount on the digital invoice.

Ask all your questions about business ordering to our customer service.
We are happy to help you, for example with creating your account or your first order!

Phone number: 0546-644790 / 0652380252

Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00 (Monday to Saturday.)



The minimum order value is 300 euros excluding VAT.
If the order value is higher than €1,000 excluding VAT, we will gladly make a tailor-made offer for you.
Do you agree with the offer? We would like to see this confirmed in writing.
We understand that as a company you want to order on account and we are happy to make this possible.
We would like to make sure that everything is going well.


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